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If you are an attorney or trust officer with missing heirs or beneficiaries, we are here to assist you. With more than six decades of experience as a probate research firm, we have the resources and skills to identify and locate missing heirs across the United States and internationally.

Our firm is highly successful in locating all missing parties. We can provide documentary evidence as well as family charts, and we are qualified to testify as expert "forensic genealogist" witnesses to the results of our research.

When working for attorneys and fiduciaries our fee arrangements vary depending upon the circumstances. We offer "no expense to the estate" research services in certain intestate or missing beneficiary matters, while in others we ask for an hourly fee and expense compensation. Please contact Scoll & Remeika to discuss your specific needs further. It would be our pleasure to serve you and help resolve your search.

References are available upon your request.

Thank you for your interest. Please contact us with any questions.

"Excellent service! I wish everyone I had to deal with in this estate matter was as effective and reasonable."

- Attorney Dan S., Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

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